PayPal Bengaluru

Collabration with Sajid Wajid Shaikh from 46&2
The PayPal wall is the reception wall for the office. The brief was to illustrate and paint this wall using PayPal brand colors. 

Sajid, however had a different idea. Thoughtful as he is, Sajid wanted to experiment with materials and textures. Fresko Studio collaborated with Sajid to identify the correct materials for the installation. The hunt began with MDF but ended with opaque acrylic sheets. 

Acrylic sheets have the most polished finish among most of the materials and can be precisely cut with laser cutters. The installation represents an abstract computer integrated circuit. It represents the complexity of payments industry being solved in an efficient, accurate yet elegant way. PayPal being a tech payment company closely relates to this.

Material has played a huge role in the installation. The laser cut acrylic sheet has precise edges which elegantly fits into one another. The installation sort of imprints everything around it. The polished surface of acrylic captures the shadow of everything object but if stood closely enough it reflects oneself. 
Material Consultant and Installation artist