Sikkim Himalayan Academy

The story of thousand little dreams nurtured by a single man, Gurumansingh Gurung 
The joy of giving back to people and watching them grow is like no other. 
Sikkim Himalayan Academy is the baby of Sir Guruman Singh Gurung. He started this academy 8 years back with vision of educating kids from some of the most remote places in Sikkim. Some of which has never got electricity in their entire life. 

Fresko got on board as a painting consultant for the school. Our team along with several guardian as volunteer painted the entire school in just 10 days. Out-n-out! 

The experience was so engaging that we forgot to click snaps of our own project.

Time has it, our dear friend Manish visited the school once again to shoot an inspiring commercial. That's how we got few snaps of our project. 
Sikkim Himalayan Academy
Color Consultant